mHealth: Epilepsy Management App

Mobile Application Design

mHealth is a health management app to help patients with epilepsy cope with their condition. This was a pilot program intended to extend to multiple chronic conditions.

We conducted doctor interviews and in-home patient reseach, and determined the areas where we could provide the most help were memory aides, a community support group, and a check-in feature that would alert a caregiver if the patient left home and became unresponsive.

Health Tracker

The home screen houses the patient’s current health goals to allow for fast gesture-based input.


Over time, patients can see how changes in different areas of their health impact the type and quantity of seizures they are having.


A robust reminder system allows patients to set alerts for their medication regardless of how complicated their drug regimen may be.


Social features allow those with epilepsy to feel less alone, both by asking questions and reading success stories from others.

Alert Mode

An alert mode lets family members know when the patient is going out for an extended period of time, allowing all parties to feel more confident.