HealthMap: Personal Health Monitor

Web, Application, Identity

HealthMap is an interactive website for patients with HIV and their healthcare providers to share health information and test results. Patients, along with doctors and coaches, identify health goals and ways to achieve them.

This Project was done on contract with an interaction designer, in conjunction with the client’s development team, who prototyped the application as it was designed. The study has concluded, and is in its evaluation phase.

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Patient Dashboard

The dashboard shows upcoming appointments, recent lab results, health goals, and community resources. From here, the patient can track their progress, make goal adjustments, and plan for future doctor’s visits

Patient Goals

Patients work with their doctor and health coach to set health goals for themselves. Once set, the patient can view their progress, relevant lab results, and make personal reflections to share with their healthcare providers. A sidebar provides resources relevant to the current goal.

Lab Results

Along with lab results, patients are shown how healthy lifestyle changes can affect their risk of long-term health effects. Patients can adjust their current goals, or commit to new ones.

Each view is unique to the test being viewed. Patients can enter updates to their personal health information, and lab results are updated automatically.

Patient Resources

Health and wellness information is provided to individuals based on the specific challenges they face. These articles are available throughout the application, and also as a stand-alone resources section. Content is recommended by health coaches, and patients with similar conditions.