Great Food Fast: Disney Restaurants Platform

Web, Embedded Systems

A robust discovery and pre-order system for all Disney restaurants world-wide. This system consists of a web interface showcasing Disney’s table service and quick service restaurants, party management for reservations, and a point of sale terminal to give servers and cashiers more control over the ordering and payment experience.

Party Management

The pre-order system allows guests to plan meals ahead of their trip. They can plan and modify orders from web or mobile up to the moment of payment.

Pre-Order Menu

Guests can view the menus for all of Disney’s quick service restaurants and filter based on preference, allergies, or make custom requests. Party orders are displayed on the side and notify guests if there are drinks or sides they’re entitled to but haven't ordered.

Employee Point of Sale Terminal

The employee view is meant to process guest orders as quickly as possible. When selected, meals are pre-filled with the most common drinks and side-orders. Tapping any of the ‘more’ buttons places additional options under the cashier’s fingertip.

Order Modification

All items can be made to order. Tapping on an item reveals the customization menu. The same layout is used for all menu items, with relevant options highlighted when appropriate.

Payment Screen

The payment screen has to accomodate credit, cash, vouchers, meal plans and more. The solution here is additive and will accept any combination of payments a guest may try to use.