Fitbit: Graphs Redesign

Mobile, Data Visualization

One of my early tasks at Fitbit was overhauling the look and feel of the existing iOS and Android apps, and also preparing for upcoming support of the Windows Phone operating system.

The new design direction was able to be applied without additional functionality, allowing for quick development turnaround, and has informed the evolution of our design language through future iterations

Previous Design

The existing design had a detailed medical quality to it, and was limited to a single day of information. We decided to add focus and depth by using rolling 7-day graphs for activity stats.


The new graphs needed to express a rolling 7-day history in a fun, pleasant manner, while treating user health information seriously. I created a series of treatments exploring varying levels of playfulness.

Final Direction

The dark and bright explorations were merged to create a final direction that felt appropriately serious while maintaining energetic elements that liven up the screen.

Unique design elements and colors were chosen per stat, such as a starfield for sleep information and rays of light filtering down through the water logging page