Fitbit Blaze: Smart Fitness Watch

Smartwatch, Embedded OS

The Fitbit Blaze was Fitbit’s first color display device, and its initial foray into the smartwatch market. We took Fitbit’s activity tracking and fitness experiences, and augmented them with notifications, music playback features, and lightweight apps.

In addition to the core feature set, we worked with feature teams to bring their own experiences to the wrist, such as Fitstar guided workouts, reminders to move, and guided breathing.

Strategic Direction

We put together an executive workshop to identify companies, products, and stylistic directions we wanted Blaze to embody. Responses were distilled into key attributes that informed design exploration.

Visual Exploration

We identified four key attributes for Blaze to embody, and created a design language for each. None of these systems stood on their own, but they exposed key design components integral to the final design, including the dark open backgrounds and pops of neon gradient color.

Watchface Designs

Final clock face designs were chosen from hundreds of explorations to have a range of practical and expressive options.

The default clock in particular was crafted to showcase our key heart rate and step tracking features in a style that looks great both in stores and on wrist.

Celebration Animations

The limited horsepower of the Blaze chip made high-impact celebration moments difficult. Animations were handcrafted in a modular fashion to facilitate ease of development.

In the step celebrations, a constantly shifting color palette creates the illusion of additional motion without needing to calculate new object positions.